The year 2021 in review_ Shaping a better world together

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Another year draws to a close. And what a year! The challenges were quite a few, but together we managed to turn them into great opportunities. That’s the power of technology allied to people. An engine of hope that unites us regardless of the distance. That allows us to reinvent and address new circumstances at incredible speed.

It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished together. Thank you_ So hard to select just a few highlights and best moments, but the intention [for now] is not to write a book :-)_ Check them out_

hello, game-changers_

We kept growing side by side with visionary companies that trust us to increase and accelerate in scale, performance and quality the creation and development of their game-changing digital products and services. Their continuous innovation missions. We are now 1200+ global talents committed on a common purpose: to help Fintechs, Regtechs, Govtechs, Biotechs, Healthtechs, Agritechs, Mediatechs, Edtechs, Anytechs never stop revolutionizing the market with technology_

hello, devs_

Aiming to reach 2023 as the largest 100% distributed tech in Brazil, connecting the best people wherever they are, we launched another irreverent campaign. At its core is </The Strange {Developer’s} Symphony>, a geek-comic clip that combines algorithms and famous terms among devs, in a manifesto format. It’s not yet a gold record, but it’s already touching the hearts of many developers :-)_

hello, compasso uol_

On 07/07 our history made history by joining UOL group’s tech arm. We restart our future with the same essence and culture that distinguishes us for 18 years. In a network that understands innovation as we do. That dreams big like us. And, above all, that knows what drives and motivates us: people and innovation. It’s together that we are already placing the Invillia flag in more geographies, in more game-changers_

hello, global growth framework v3_

If there’s one fun thing about innovation, it’s putting the perfect, the established in doubt. We are here to add, change, make tech work in favor of the new. It sounds obvious, but it isn’t. Making agility match scale is complex. Creating solutions with the boldness that our customers demand is a challenge. A disruption we’ve made simpler with the Global Growth Framework_ Evolving this year into its 3rd generation with a new power: Adaptability_

hello, instation_

Our home, our virtual headquarters_ This is where we all meet, interact and evolve from 260 cities in 9 countries. An anywhere-office platform that we make available to the entire world and that throughout this year we continued to improve and introduce new features. An innovative way of working and connecting that has become a learning program_ future of work in partnership with FRST, and an event_ people management in the hybrid era in partnership with Microsoft_

hello, social responsibility_

Imagine traveling the distance from Brazil to Portugal in a few days for a noble cause. Impossible? Not for our innovative way of doing everything 🙂 At Invillia Social Running, each km made individually — running, cycling or walking — was connected and converted into donations for Hospital do Amor_ Our idea in 2021 to exercise the willingness to contribute and change realities_

hello, insiders_

Since the beginning of the year, Invillia’s 100% online internship program has been open round the clock. In 2021 we had more than 6,000 registrations, 3 hackdays and 60 new effective insiders. The best part? We hope to have twice as much by 2022 🙂 Board the next ship_ our contribution to the future of future innovators is quite an experience_

hello, reinvent_

The market is full of opportunities for those with talent. That’s why we launched the Invillia Academy Reinvent. So that the desire to return after a break in the tech world quickly turns into a new career flight. The first edition was exclusively for mothers who took the time to dedicate themselves to motherhood_ A pride and an inspiration to see the determination of the 20 women who successfully completed the program_

hello, tech in the vein_

Week by week, tech market insights and trends become exclusive Workshops within Invillia. Summarized and transformed into articles for our community: Tech in the Vein_ One shot_ A vital knowledge exchange for anyone who loves the new. It was unveiled in 2021 and has already resulted in 10 super contents. Missed any? Confirm here_

hello, tech stars_

In September, we brought together the most brilliant minds in the tech universe to tackle fantastically necessary subjects: are we really strangers? Are devs creating the techs that can “kill” the profession itself? Continuous development in the middle of the ring — who plays? How has distributed work opened new worlds? View or review the full event_ It’s show time_

And that’s it [for now]_ What will 2022 bring? Certainly, many more innovations. Different and better ways of doing things and getting closer. At Invillia, we’ll continue with the same energy, quality, agility and sense of collaboration. Always with a growing desire to go further. Let’s build the next big thing and make 2022 the best year ever, together_

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