“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”. This applies to everything in our personal and professional lives. But today’s article is about people. Your talents. And their data. When combined magic things happen. The best actions, the best decisions, the best results. Talent Insights in a super-connected work era help you unlock the power of data wherever each one is located. To uncover the drivers of high performance and high happiness. To timely identify and address any potential problem or gap. Not to control or invade privacy, but for individual and collective development.

We have now a historic chance of reinvention. To stop discussing walls or distances. And break the boundaries between teams with new resources and insights.

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In-office, remote, hybrid teams, all connected and inspired by data

Hybrid, remote, physical. It doesn’t matter the working model. Each company is different and needs to find its own. What matters is being able to have everybody connected in the same environment and to know exactly how they are and what to do to enhance it. And today this is easier than ever. Can you imagine the thousands of data we generate simply by working online? Super valuable data waiting to be securely used and provide new visions for several areas. Data that allows to understand critical HR aspects and do something before they become an issue. It’s not intuition or instinct. It’s intelligence. It’s to analyze metrics for better processes, people, teams.

At Invillia we have always used data, Talent Insights, as the basis to empower and inspire our people and teams. According to what we learned over 17 years of innovating from different locations and models, here are 4 important tips before we move forward:

1) Digital as the primary communication channel. To be ‘present’ in the company is to be online on that channel, even for employees in the next chair. Real democratic communication is the one in which everyone participates in the same way.

2) Strong and clear purpose. It’s what links people, and in a normal process of osmosis it attracts those who vibrate in the same mindset. A team without a strong and clear purpose will not perform, regardless of physical proximity.

3) Plurality. It’s from different perspectives that innovation, ideas arises. A team that does not experiment with brainstorming is bound to be only a task force and executor. The individual and collective maturity in dealing with conflicts is essential to make the most of this plurality.

4) Satisfaction. Happy people are more engaged and prosperous in achieving results. Taking care (both professionally and personally) and providing an environment that encourages and offers continuous development opportunities is essential (based on data, on what we know about each person and team, not guesswork).

Technology as the accelerator and facilitator

Hum, ok, you ask: now what?! How to make all this possible and a reality? Well, much of it is internal. Related to corporate strategy, practices and culture. But technology is a great ally, an accelerator, facilitator. That’s why Instation was born. A data-driven platform that connects distributed teams in a common productive and virtual space. And that ensures broad support for all of the above tips.

By providing a set of sensors that enable Talent Insights and quick corrections/evolutions. Not only of performance but of behaviors, always protecting individualities and sensitive information. Bringing the same freedom of creation and innovation previously used in closed physical rooms. Provoking the mixture of ideas, the coexistence between people in the promotion of dynamics that liberate creativity.

Talent Insights in practice — Measure. Improve. Always (∞)

Talent Insights uses data to understand what makes employees engaged, productive, creative and happy. Collecting it from several sources and organizing it in a way that is easy to interpret. To then act, take decisions: it is not discoveries that make Talent Insights succeed, but what you do with them.

And machine learning/artificial intelligence, with its algorithms, alerts and bots, are taking this analysis to another level and revealing what in the past was “invisible to the naked eye”.

Leaders are able to investigate patterns of attrition, discover bottlenecks that influence productivity, anticipate training needs and so much more. Individuals are able to check their own and other team’s data, to identify what’s good, what can be leveraged and what needs attention.

Crossing data from several dimensions generates indicators that we would hardly imagine some years ago. What makes people come together? What makes people stay? Who is most likely to be more successful? In a transparent environment. Where managers and employees communicate and walk together towards the company’s, the team’s and the individual’s goals.

All of this can be directly answered by a platform like Instation through 3 key and interdependent dimensions:

Instation provides an intelligent and detailed view of focus and collaboration activities. The average time that a team is having in audio/videoconference calls and in individual production. This dimension helps to understand distortions, extremes, dysfunctions, good standards, the ideal proportion for each context. Advanced algorithms can show trends, for example, that 80% of successful squads have a certain profile. Daily and weekly data bring context to match with other dimensions, becoming extremely rich.

By connecting Instation with productivity tools such as Jira, you can leverage metrics about team efficiency in terms of deliverables. A deep productivity vision according to its typical flow. Giving intuitive and complete dashboards to make timely decisions. For instance, how many tasks are in the backlog? Where is the team spending more time? Where are the bottlenecks? What must change to increase results? What other teams are doing differently to perform better?


In this dimension, Instation provides predictable and advanced analytics at the individual level and as a member of a team. In terms of happiness, mood, commitment, motivation, morale, wellness. Even including an interesting metric such as the Hall of Fame, which is a gamification between team members for the election of exponents in certain areas — the peers’ recognition. And this has a fundamental role to accelerate the team’s integration and maturity process or to determine the types of interventions needed to improve what’s not at ideal levels. Besides the individual and collective views, there are also broader views to provide an important assessment and evolution of the organizational climate.

The three-dimensional holistic view of data offers an incredible gain for teams and leaders — because in addition to discovering trends, deviations and patterns, it allows to go deeper and recognize the root cause even before there is a real problem.

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