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We as developers are driven by technological advancement. With the creation and improvement of technology, new interactions, experiences and possibilities are created. A company that is a reference in this regard is Apple, and what it proposes to us this year is iOS 15 and iPhone 13.

And what’s new in iOS 15 that can revolutionize iOS apps?

In my opinion, iOS 15 brought significant code enhancements, such as await async which transforms code with many closures, multi threads and object reference controls into something more readable and less complex. In addition, it presents improvements in swiftui, uikit, among other new features, which aim to simplify the code and bring practicality.

Regarding iOS features and how they interact with our apps and their users, this release is also surprising. Like FaceTime, which now allows interacting more easily with people who use the Apple device, with many improvements that make it a great communication, study and work tool. This tool inside FaceTime is SharePlay, making it possible to share screens, music, movies and files. Developers and companies should already be thinking about how to take advantage of this shared experience, integrate this functionality with their gaming applications, social networks, streaming, among other possibilities.

Apple’s image gallery has also improved. You can take an image of an object with text, such as a blackboard or a page in a book, copy and paste it into another application. This simplifies many tasks, such as transcribing data from an image to an application. Therefore, companies have a range of opportunities to make life easier for the user who often gave up on a product due to the difficulty of finding data in the media and writing it. Another point of attention is the possibility of searching for keywords in these images, such as “receipts, document, accounts” and so on. For applications, when developers are going to create the “share-extensions” (functionality to share and save files such as pdf, images and videos) they must think about how this media will be saved on the user’s device to comply with the new interactions.

And there are also amazing new features in notifications, such as configuring the time you want to receive a specific type of notification or, with the focus functionality, configuring a simplified and customized view for rest, study, work and leisure times. This is a possibility for us to take the visuality of apps to another level. If your app is a study app, you can have a specific suggestion screen for your user. In addition to the improvements of fantastic widgets that ensure practicality and elegance to applications, with fast and meaningful interaction features.

A more modern, fluid and elegant Safari brings more possibilities with web pages within apps. A promise of more integrations with Wallet for the hotel and shows segments, as well as other sectors and applications, which is very exciting for those who want to make this connection.

So, we can finish by saying that iOS 15 is proposing new possibilities and awakens interest in new challenges. Apple renews itself and applications must keep up with this innovation. As both users and developers, we are excited by the improvements of a product as incredible as the iPhone and iOS, which demonstrates that it can always bring something even better.

By Robson James, iOS developer at Invillia, a specialist in the Apple ecosystem, straight from Manaus, capital of Amazonas_

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