How is Let Clinic connecting doctors and patients in times of social distancing with Invillia? A telemedicine solution story


Founded in 2019, Let Clinic is an innovative startup aimed at optimizing healthcare professionals’ resources by making their idle space profitable and enabling workplace mobility. We can think of it as the “Airbnb” of healthcare. To materialize its vision into a digital product, Let Clinic needed an out-of-the-box partner. A partner used to successfully deal with game-changing companies. That’s when Invillia came in. The new platform to be implemented had a comprehensive roadmap. Several possibilities in the long run. One of them was a video medical consultation. But things change. And require quick adaptation. Now there’s a social distancing policy due to Covid-19. People around the globe must protect themselves and avoid physical contact. Yet, healthcare is a critical issue. We cannot simply stop consulting a doctor. There’s a demand for alternatives. Social responsibility, community spirit and solidarity are more important than ever. We all have a role. And technology is a huge ally. So, Let Clinic and Invillia went on a mission of anticipating the launch of the virtual care feature. In record time. Instead of a possibility in the long run, it needed to be a reality now, together with the main platform. And it is. After a 10 days project, telemedicine solution is available for free.


Let Clinic was born with the purpose of responding to the challenges of the healthcare market through technology, being a facilitator both in terms of the patient’s experience and the profitability of its professionals. Empowering both in a sector that is typically highly regulated and where digitization has been slow. Bringing the intelligence of a network model, of a shared economy, in which idleness is eliminated.

When everything was ready, came Coronavirus. The priority was no longer to optimize resources. What is essential right now, in a time of isolation, is to be able to continue providing medical assistance. The idea of a telemedicine solution was foreseen in the business plan, but legally not possible, only tele-guidance. With the pandemic, the Ministry of Health approved it. That was the motto to immediately review the development backlog.


Let Clinic counts with Invillia since the first day, in July 2019. The founders already knew the company, its way of work, its “Best Minds, Best Where” model, its delivery capacity, its results. The contact arose naturally. Let Clinic presented the business plan to Invillia and based on its goals and culture, a customized squad of Developers and Engineers was created and connected by the Invillia Global Growth Framework. With the technical skills and market acquaintance necessary to support Let Clinic revolutionizing the healthcare industry. In total commitment and involvement with its success. In ensuring infinite digital power. As a unique team that breaths the same principles and in which it is impossible to distinguish whether it is from Invillia or Let Clinic.


Together, Invillia and Let Clinic started by building a disruptive B2B online platform that unites healthcare professionals with spaces and equipment available to those necessitating that spaces and equipment. Underused resources are rented to those who need them, when they need them, for the time they need them. In a globally scalable model. But that was just the beginning. The product would be continuously enriched with more innovations and value for healthcare professionals. The pandemic accelerated one of them. And in the midst of all the uncertainties it entails, it solidifies a certainty: we all can make a difference. And made it with a free telemedicine portal.

We studied, idealized and shaped a professional video consultation platform that allows doctors of any specialty to continue assisting their patients with complete security, simplicity and convenience — but remotely. Whether in times of isolation — like now — or when it all comes back to normal. Invillia played a critical role in validating the telemedicine solution, in testing it through a PoC (Proof of Concept), in guaranteeing a great user experience and throughout all the development and deployment phases:

  • Integration of the Let Clinic platform with a state-of-the-art video solution. From there, landing page was created.
  • For each video consultation, a specific code is generated, a URL is sent to the patient by email/WhatsApp and then deleted, for the security and privacy of all.
  • Only registered patients and healthcare professionals can use the platform. The whole process is highly professional, being very different from tools that were not built for this purpose.
  • The objective was to have a super easy and intuitive solution for both the healthcare professionals and the patients, with an excellent user experience, where a simple link is the key to enter into an exclusive video consultation room. There’s no need to download any apps. Just register and choose the specialty.


As with all projects in which Invillia is involved, there is an approach of continuous improvement, of enhancements according to the feedback received, of new opportunities to explore. Innovation, growth and value delivery can never stop.

Currently, the telemedicine solution is open to any Brazilian healthcare professional. But it already has an internationalization component and can be adapted for any country, according to its legislation. Expansion has no limits in game-changers.

The product roadmap for the future includes several new features in its spirit of community. The possibilities are limitless. And Invillia is a key element in making ideas, dreams come true.

“Invillia is my development partner. Accessing its brilliant and committed minds has been essential to accomplish Let Clinic goals, step by step. To fulfill our mission of creating a spirit of community and win-win relationships in the healthcare industry. To deliver value at a critical moment like this. I am really satisfied with their work, with our joint work. Once again, Invillia’s methodology, practices and framework proved to excel. Choosing Invillia is essentially a matter of trust. Especially, when we are talking about creating innovative products from scratch. Trust is the main thing. Helping to execute the vision requires opening, sharing everything you want to reach. We can’t do it with any company. With Invillia, we can, and we will definitely do more together” — Rafael Paloni, CEO, Let Clinic.

About Let Clinic — Founded in 2019, Let Clinic is an innovative platform created to add value for healthcare professionals from the most diverse specialties such as doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists and speech therapists, contributing to optimize their resources, making their idle space profitable and enabling workplace mobility. Offering also a telemedicine solution — video consultations for remote assistance. More info at and

About Invillia — Invillia helps game-changing companies activate their innovation power combining strategic data and the best talents around the world. Our exclusive Global Growth Framework was designed to transform businesses with agility, performing cutting-edge technology, creating ongoing digital strategies, products, and services. Go further at

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We innovate the way game-changing companies are expanding the power to build digital strategies, products and services.

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We innovate the way game-changing companies are expanding the power to build digital strategies, products and services.

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