How is a global innovation hub disrupting the insurance market with Invillia? A dynamic digital product story

4 min readOct 8, 2020


The protagonist of our story is an innovation hub created by a leading and global insurance company with one simple mandate: to bring disruptive innovations that make a better, safer future. They pursue this mandate by building and testing experimental new products based on customer-centric research around emerging trends. Knowing that only brilliant minds can create today the brilliant solutions of tomorrow, they were looking for a partner that could help them gain infinite digital power. Not a conventional partner, but one with a “game-changer” attitude and a clear capacity of performing and engaging the best talents to enrich their team of dreamers and makers. Not a “Yes, sir” partner, but one that could proactively participate in the whole digital product lifecycle: from ideation to launch. That’s when Invillia came in by peer’s endorsement. And rapidly emerged in their culture and purpose to help to deliver unique solutions. First in Brazil and then anywhere in the world.


Complexity, bureaucracy and rigidity are usually associated with the insurance market. But “game-changers” like this innovation hub are challenging these assumptions. Their new digital product is a perfect example. Based on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is a dynamic term life insurance solution that continuously adapts the insured amount to the life stage and specifics of each client, with a simple and online simulation. In only 10 minutes, anyone can get a customized coverage recommendation and quote. Fast, flexible and intuitive. Goodbye complexity, bureaucracy and rigidity. But now comes the business expansion question. The product was first launched in Hong Kong and its huge success made it ready for new horizons. Brazil was the first on the radar and several adaptations needed to be done. Innovation-based challenge-solving is in Invillia’s DNA, so we designed the best multidisciplinary squad to “simplify” it.


After an intense process of acculturation, context analysis, personas characterization, legal obligations scrutiny and insurance market study, Invillia brought all its knowledge to guarantee the successful deployment of the game-changing digital product in Brazil. Following the premise: Think Global, Act Local.

Besides product adjustments to comply with internal regulations and specifications, we both found that the message itself had to be different. According to world statistics, Brazil ranks among the lowest countries that have life insurance, so there is a cultural and knowledge challenge to be overcome. Educational contents and clear steps to rapidly understand its value and advantages needed to be created.


With a squad of strategists, developers, engineers and designers working closely with the innovation hub and connected through Invillia’s Global Growth Framework, a Brazilian-fitted digital product was idealized and built:

  • The simulation process now includes a broker appointment to formalize the deal (insurance sales cannot be 100% online) and integrates a client digital signature (also mandatory in Brazil).
  • New algorithms calculate interest and fees on a 5-year basis, and consider local demographics and life milestones (marriage, pregnancy, graduation, home acquisition, mortgage completion…).
  • New content and a more friendly tone improve Brazilians acknowledgment that the best gift they can give to their family is peace of mind, security and protection. If anything happens, their family can sustain the same lifestyle that they have worked hard to provide.

Now, for the first time ever, Brazilians have access to a term life insurance that makes sense and fits every stage of their life. The coverage is automatically adjusted as they reach different milestones, so they’ll never be over or under insured. All of this triggered through a simple and customized online simulation, with no medical checks, that clearly explains how the recommended value is calculated and why it is the best amount for any particular case. Also, to address the “live the moment” reality while preventing the future, there are additional offerings during life such as gym and medicine discounts.


The innovation hub and Invillia have been working as one single team since day 1 and this translates in outstanding results. The digital product follows a continuous improvement approach through regular metrics, key performance indicators and data assessments collected from the platform and clients’ feedback. User experience, market-fit and value perception are key to success and are always subject to new tests and enhancements, ensuring win-win situations for all stakeholders.

Because growth and innovation can never stop, Invillia is helping the innovation hub to extend this dynamic insurance concept to other Latin American and European countries, not only in terms of life insurance but also micro-mobility and car insurance. In this case, the premium varies depending on the mileage and the use that each person makes of the vehicle.

There can be no limits for new ideas that address tomorrow’s needs. That’s our commitment today and in the future.

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