[eBook] People Everywhere Innovating Everything

In challenging times like these, are you doing everything it takes for maintaining high-performing and high-motivating teams, wherever they are? In a collaborative environment conducive to innovation? Taking advantage of the future of work as a driver to expand your growth power?

In order to access, connect and engage the best talents — regardless of their geographic location — and be sure the innovation flow keeps moving, digital companies need new approaches. We will explore them throughout this ebook and believe our own experience based on lessons-learned over 16 years will also be useful for your business.

If you are a leader or manager in a digital company, this eBook is for you. It covers:

  • Addressing the challenge of attracting, connecting, and evolving the best talents
  • Scaling-up with success both for business and for people
  • Getting infinite digital power to never stop innovating
  • Expanding the innovation capacity in practice
  • Lean and MVP Practices — How do they relate with digital growth power?
  • Tips to take advantage of the best minds, best where
  • Being inspired by the peers: a game-changer story
  • Conclusion and next steps

Originally published at https://insights.invillia.com on March 27, 2020.

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